10 Blocks of 16 Storeys with Total 620 Units

Rivercove Residences EC is latest condo project in the area of Anchorvale in Sengkang. Sengkang a place in Singapore known for its famous local facilities like Seletar Mall, Jalan Kayu eateries and Kopitiam square. And the now the place is offering another facility for residential basis.

Rivercove Residences EC Will consist of 10 Blocks

The Rivercove Residence is to be built on a 99 years leasehold land. The Anchorvale area land is a very much high demand land. The project development contract is under the developer agency Hoi Hup Realty. The project itself covers the whole are of 21,014.6 sq m. The location of the land is pretty much ideal as it offers a front view of riverside park. It is a very luxurious condo offering 30 Storeys building with residential floor area of 63,043.8 sq m and total 620 apartment units. Rivercove Residences will consist of 10 Blocks of 620 Units of Executive Condominium units located at LOT 2924T MK 21. The proposed 620 units of EC units will be get fuifill the buyer’s demands for EC units in the area.

620 Units of Rivercove EC Units by Hoi Hup Realty

The Land for the project is located in the D28 district. The Location is very much ideal as it covers the nearby places like Kopitiam square famous for toms public amusement and restaurant so the residents of Rivercove can enjoy the taste of the famous food stalls at the Kopitiam square, Seletar Mall is the only shopping mall located in north east Singapore a place where the residents can entertain their selves in the cinema located in the mall and can also enjoy the fun of shopping. Hoi Hup Realty plans to build a total of 620 units that consist of 10 blocks of 16 storeys at Rivercove.

The Jalan Kayu eateries, a food street located in Sengkang which is filled with all variety of cultural mix food widely famous for its “prata” thus the residents get to enjoy a traditional taste of food in a nearby place. Moreover the place also covers nearby transport services like Bus interchange and train stations and also the nearby local schools are beneficial factor for the residents at Rivercove.

620 Units of 16 Storeys Executive Condo Units at Rivercove

As it is been described the land location is ideal as the residents are offered a front view of the Riverside Park. You can enjoy a stunning waterfront view from your exclusive apartment unit. The riverside area of Sengkang is in pretty much view of the land. The site also covers the nearby Sengkang sports complex. Rivercove provides every indoor facilities to the residents. Sports activities like tennis courts, fitness gyms and children playground area and also a fine brbq area for your family to have a good time.

The floor plan is designed into two types of facing one is the sight of Sengkang West Way and the other is facing the Sengkang West Avenue the above floors will be able to get an unblock view from both sides. Rivercove Residence currently offers 3, 4, 5 Bedroom apartments. Though they also provide various floorplans according to your family needs.

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