Sengkang General and Community Hospital Near to Rivercove EC

Sengkang General Hospital when completed will be undoubtedly on of the largest and biggest regional hospital. This hospital is going to be under the management of Sengkang health and community hospitals. The bed capacity of this hospital is going to 1400 beds. Singapore has laid a master plan which it intend to ensure that all its citizens get access to high quality excellent and exceptional health services hence the reason for building this Sengkang general hospital. This health care facility will be offering all types of health services as well as the community based health care. All the comprehensive medical services and facilities are going to be available in this hospital. Sengkang General and Community Hospital is near to Rivercove Residences EC in Sengkang. It is located at Anchorvale Lane and the developer is Hoi Hup Realty.

Sengkang General and Community Hospital Near to Rivercove EC

A thousand beds will belong to the general hospital while 400 beds will be for the community hospital. There are going to be a number of training facilities which includes a skills lab, a training room to be used for nurses training, a patient care or giver training center and a lecture theatre. Community gardens or space gardens that will be available are a wellness garden which is going to be situated at the podium of the rooftop, pocket garden, food court plus food and breakfast and retail outlets where you can buy some or eat.

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Sengkang general hospital will be fully equipped with modern advanced sophisticated state of the art technology and equipment so that it offer the citizens of Singapore unparalleled and unrivalled quality health services. Some of the major facilities in this hospital are Endoscopy suits, the day surgery operating theatres, the Angioplasty or the intervention radiology suits for radiology, the special rooms that will be used for private consultation, the laboratories used for catheterisation and the major theatre rooms of operations.

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Polyclinics, tertiary hospitals and national specialty centers will all be interlink with this hospital to ensure instant access to expertise health services that are usually provide by Singh health. Sengkang general hospital is going to serve the northeast of Singapore community.