Compass One

Located at the town centre of Sengkang in Singapore, this suburban shopping mall was opened in 2002. This exquisite mall was created at a budget of $230 million. Before closing for renovation in December 2015, this mall was previously known as compass point. It was a mall who opening created a lot of hype both for the locals and the media because it was the first major mall to open in the North East line. This mall has created a lot of revenue for the country and has been loved by many people for being the biggest mall in the area and thus having many places to visit and many things to choose from when shopping for food or electronics.

Compass One Sengkang Rivercove Residences EC

In December 2015, when it was closed for renovations, it was also announced that M&G real estate will become the only stake holder of the mall having bought the 18.99% shares from Frasers Centrepoint. This buyout was completed in February 2016. It is still not clear whether this buyout is a great thing or a bad thing for the mall but it is yet t0o be seen. After renovations and completion of the upgrading works, the mall was opened in September 2016 under its new management and a new name that came with the buyout. Compass One is near to Rivercove Residences EC by Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments at Anchorvale Lane.

Anchorvale Lane Compass One Shopping Centre

Before the change of name and its renovations, compass one was the first mall in Singapore to have a theme of learning. Visiting the mall, people would find amazing facts and learning posters mounted on the rails and the walls of the mall. There were amazing and loved trivia maze that were updated periodically. This learning theme was as a result of surveys done on ways to help young families in Sengkang. In the past this mall had a 269, 098 square feet of retail space which was spread over four storeys and the basement. Every storey i9n the shopping center was named after the five major continents.

Compass One Shopping Centre

After its reopening it had a redesigned interior layout and 180 specialty tenants. Its public library is expected to reopen in 2016 and will occupy levels 3 and 4. At level four there will be a play deck with a wet dry playground. All the tenants of the previous compass point are expected to return with an addition of 50 new tenants. Accessibility to the mall is not an issue as it is well served by public transportation as it is located next the train station and the bus interchange. It is the main suburban mall for the residents.

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