Punggol Town

Punggol is one of the largest residential towns in Singapore and it is in the government’s master plan transform Punggol into are then is green highly population OCT in the North East area of Singapore. Currently there will be new residents moving into Punggol and residents in the Punggol area can look for more amenities located in the town. There will be more transportation options, as well as and hands transport connectivity making residents travelling back to Punggol, a hassle-free job.

Punggol Town Near to Rivercove Residences EC

There are plans under way Punggol to meet there were plans of high run SOS future residents living around in the area. There will be housing, shops, schools and libraries located around the whole of the town, including communicative hubs and parks. The idea is to make Punggol a self-sufficient town with all the amenities right at the doorsteps of residence. These facilities and employment centres will be deployed in demand. Punggol Town is located near to Rivercove Residences EC by Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments.

Punggol Town Rivercove Hoi Hup Realty

Punggol is developed by the Urban redevelopment authority of Singapore and remains one of Singapore’s most highly sought-after locations. Punggol faces the waterfront and residences Punggol will be able to get a seat in the north-east area. As Pongal will be one of Singapore’s largest town, there will be many housing options available in the town. New waterfront housing district such as the Matilda district and the North Shore district will have what ways along the Punggol waterfront. Rivercove is expected to receive good response from Punggol Residents.

Punggol Town Singapore

There will also be a community that consists of community centre, the centre, and a neighbourhood library to cater to the residents in Punggol. There will also be a new polyclinic catering to the residents in Punggol. More primary schools and secondary schools will be built around the area as well. Punggol residents are ready and enjoying recreation options at the last doorsteps, such as what the way at Punggol and the Punggol promenade. There are also cycling tracks located around the area, providing residents with some outdoor activities available for them. There will also be a learning cluster, which is a housing inability industries with green space and community area’s providing a space for residents to connect.

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