Sengkang Public Library

Overhauling the Sengkang Public Library improved book collections and amenities to reflect the demographics of the local population. The library now offers tweens’ programs like cosplay operations, photography, and electronics. It has incorporated interactive digital screens for users to sift through digital content and download through a mobile app. The two-story building now offers sprawling space compared to the old construction. It took the management two years to renovate and spruce up everything. It has carved out more room to support up to 232 visitors with personalized areas for children and adults.

Sengkang Public Library Sengkang MRT Station

The “tween” area targets visitors from the age of 10 to 14 years due to Sengkang’s population, where young families take the lion’s share. The tween area design supports experiential literacy and multi functional seating for group discussions or conferences. Sengkang Public Library seeks to maximize its usability by residents and feed into their needs. The children’s area partitioned into various sections offers an open storytelling platform mounted with an engaging projector. For children below the age of six years, their study section has a parking space for strollers. The adults’ zone features a unique and perfectly-insulated floor for a noise-free reading atmosphere.

Sengkang Public Library near to Rivercove Residences EC

Sensitizing the public and nurturing a reading culture in Singapore has seen the library introduce awareness programs each Friday. Attendees get to explore topics such as photography, entertainment, and creativity. A departure from old norms, library users now get an opportunity to glimpse in-house processes such as sorting books or arranging in a back room.

In addition to data analytics and virtual reality displays, Sengkang Public Library’s transformation has kept it relevant in an ever-changing digital climate. The library offers corpus digital content and an innovative machine that automatically scans and isolates books into series before shelving. Technology frees up time for librarians to handle pressing tasks like coordinating programs or curating books. The library integrates the NLB mobile app to help visitors borrow books and browse through collections. The six multi media stations have now increased to eight.

Sengkang Library Anchorvale Lane Fernvale

The Sengkang Public Library is home to more than 300,000 book collections such as arts, cuisine, science, technology, literary works, and much more. Singaporeans in this library use a DIY approach with self-service tools available for convenience and efficiency. The ultra-modern library has become the ultimate destination for locals who want to borrow or read books. It has also served as a forum to bring the community back together through interactive learning. It packs a large series of books that target teens and young working class forming the highest proportion of the metropolitan population in Sengkang.

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